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We pride ourselves in being able to cater to any of your specific needs, below are examples of the custom grates we have recently supplied some of our customers.


We recently manufactured a custom Stormwater Drainage Pit for Hall Contracting at Bokarina Beach.
Tellam also supplied a 5200mm x 2400mm – 9 Part Multi Dome Grate with 2 UB250 support beams.
The roof is fully operational for full access to the pit if required.

As well as carrying a range of our standard Dome Grates we pride ourselves in being able to cater to any of your specific needs.


Tellam Civil Products recently won the tender to supply Special pits for a Major Northside Project – Working in tandem with the contractor, Tellam delivered the pits meeting the detailed specifications on time and without issue. Each pit was individually design with different openings and varying inverts, Special concrete mixes were approved and poured to meet the salt water resistant requirements. The project was a joint operation between Tellam and BCP Stapylton.


Meeting tight deadlines and co ordinating crane bookings Tellam delivered a series of Energex pits for our Electrical Contractors on a current Sunshine Coast project.


Tellam Civil Products were given the opportunity to supply the Airport Link Project with Gantry Support Beams for the tunnel boring operation from Toombul to Lutwyche.The 4.5m beams were delivered to site after meeting a tight schedule to play a vital role in the dismantling of the cutting head and tunnel boring machine (TBM) inside the tunnel at Lutwyche. Once the cutting head broke through, the tunnel boring machine required a form of “railway tracks” in order to keep moving forward and exit the tunnel into the cavern area. Tellam specially manufactured the 4.5m Gantry Support Beams to assist in this process.


Tellam also manufactured a series of wall and roof panels specifically for this project. These panels create an underground cavern beneath the road surface of the tunnels allowing service people to gain entry to carry out maintenance and inspections of the services housed beneath the road surface.


Constant flooding of a high profile business carpark on the Brisbane River prompted URGENT ACTION.

Tellam was contacted to assist in manufacturing a suitable precast pit for this project after on site pours proved too difficult with tidal conditions causing disruptions to working schedules.

The site located on the Brisbane River at Breakfast Creek, required a Stainless Steel Flap Valve System to be housed inside a concrete pit in order to eliminate backflow and tidal surge through the 1950mm concrete stormwater outflow pipe. Tellam were invited to assist in construction and design of a suitable structure allowing for the site conditions and restrictive access. A precast multipart pit was designed by Tellam’s in house engineering division with the restriction of an 8 tonne maximun weight on each of the components being the main criteria for consideration. The weight restriction was needed to suit the smaller crane size able to access the site.

The 3.5 metre square pit at 3 metres high incorporated a series of keyed joints and dowels to hold and seal the assembly of the 5 part unit. The job was then completed with a heavy load beam placed into the top sections recessed pockets, supporting a multipart access cover.

TIght delivery schedules were managed by Tellam in consultation with the client allowing for tidal level, traffic restrictions, piloted loads and crane availability all requiring careful planning.


Tellam Civil Products completed the manufacture and supply of wharf deck units to Lihir Gold PNG. The new wharfing facility is a key component of the MOPU project one million ounce per year upgrade of the Lihir Gold mine.
lihir goldmine PNG

32 precast deck units were supplied from Tellam’s new Larapinta Precasting centre on the western side of Brisbane. Keeping to a tight schedule, Tellam’s construction team was able to manage costs within budget and completed the project 10 days ahead of schedule.

The deck units were designed with tight tolerances, protruding reinforcement up to 24mm in diameter and a scabbled surface finish to 3mm to key in with the insitu pour in PNG to complete the wharf structure.
The highest levels of quality assurance also required detailed cooperation with external quality inspectors and project auditors.

On completion of the concrete pours and suitable curing times, the units were carefully loaded onto shipping containers in the factory. Complex logistical arrangements were completed without hitch ensuring smooth sailing and arrival in New Guinea.

Tellam Civil Products is now well on the way to establishing a strong reputation in the larger precast market. Along with the Lihir project Tellam Civil Products have completed numerous assignments for a wide range of clients.