Precast Kerb Entry Units


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1.2m KEU SAG Recessed, 2.4m KEU Left Hand Protruded, 2.4m KEU Left Hand Recessed, 2.4m KEU Right Hand Protruded, 2.4m KEU Right Hand Recessed, 2.4m KEU SAG Protruded, 2.4m KEU SAG Recessed, 3.6m KEU Left Hand Protruded, 3.6m KEU Left Hand Recessed, 3.6m KEU Right Hand Protruded, 3.6m KEU Right Hand Recessed, 3.6m KEU SAG Protruded, 3.6m KEU SAG Recessed, 4.8m KEU Left Hand Recessed, 4.8m KEU Right Hand Recessed, 4.8m KEU SAG Recessed, Custom Size or 1 piece KEU required please contact me for more details


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