Stormwater & Sewer aspros

Stormwater & Sewer aspros2017-11-01T14:28:56+11:00

Project Description

Tellams range of Aspros are made to varying thicknesses depending on areas of use.

As well as standard 600 & 535 openings any opening can be made on request

Aspros can be made with a great or cast iron lid cast in

With the largest stock holdings on civil products in S.E. QLD stock on this range is available throughout our 3 branches.

Specials can be made with quick response depending on demand at the time

Standard range starts at 900mm and goes through to 3000mm

Some extended/expanded lined are kept in stock or made to order

Rebated lines made to order

  • Standards to meet all local councils, Main Roads & IPWEAQ
  • Approved lifters
  • Starter bars as per local requirements
  • 600 & 535 holes
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